LeBron James L.A. Mansion: King Forks Over $21 Million For A Swanky Hollywood ‘Vacation House’ (Pic)

lebron james l.a. mansion

According to Variety, LeBron James just bought a swanky mansion in an ultra-exclusive L.A. neibhorhood for a whopping $21 million.

Obviously, this is going to be a major source of anxiety for Cleveland Cavaliers fans. LeBron is trying to hold off on signing a long-term contract because the next collective bargaining agreement is widely expected to open the floodgates on player salaries. In the meantime he is just signing two-year deals with opt-out clauses after each season.

With Kobe Bryant coming off the Lakers’ books next year and LeBron almost certain to opt-out of his deal with the Cavs again, there was already speculation that the Lakers would try to lure the King to Hollywood. Now that he’s bought a 9,350 square foot Colonial-style mansion in Brentwood, the conspiracy theorists are going to assume it’s already a done deal.

Of course, it’s not. The real reason LeBron bought a home in L.A. has nothing to do with basketball.

“He likes L.A., he plans on spending time there in the summer, and he has a growing number of business opportunities,” a source close to James told Cleveland.com. “No one should read this as any indication about basketball. It’s a vacation house.”

LeBron already has his own production company called SpringHill Entertainment, which produces the Starz series Survivor’s Remorse. This past summer he made his successful debut as a supporting actor in Trainwreck. Then SpringHill signed a huge deal to develop content with Warner Bros—a deal that almost certainly will lead to Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James.

It’s clear LeBron has every intention of becoming a major player in Hollywood. By purchasing the new mansion, he’s just taking the next step.

Relax, Cleveland.

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