Ricardo Lockette Hands Out 100 Cheeseburgers To Homeless (Pic)

Ricardo Lockette Hand Cheeseburgers to Homeless

Perhaps Ricardo Lockette was looking for some good karma following his neck surgery in Dallas.  Or maybe he’s just a great dude who hates to see others suffer.  Or both!

Either way, what Ricardo Lockette did on November 5th upon being released from a Dallas hospital was truly amazing: After passing through an area in Dallas with a large homeless population, the Seahawks wide receiver and his parents stopped at a nearby McDonald’s, grabbed 100 cheeseburgers, and returned to the area to hand them out to the people.

TMZ caught up with Lockette’s father, Earl, and asked him about the charitable act.  He told them that “some people knew who he was. But this was more about Ricardo seeing people who were in worse shape than him, and wanting to help them however he could.”

Even after all he’d been through over the past couple of weeks (suffering a concussion and requiring neck surgery, and all), Lockette still had the intuitiveness to realize that for a brief moment there were others around him who were suffering even more than he had.  And so he stopped to help.

Great stuff from a great dude.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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