Robin Lopez Pummels Raptors Mascot After Being Ranked Below J. Lo (Video)

Robin Lopez

We don’t hear too much from Robin Lopez these days, but the Knicks center made his presence felt at last night’s game in Toronto.

After seeing how low he ranked on the Raptors’ “My favorite Lopez’s” chart, he did what any self-righteous, insecure athlete would do. He beat up the guy that made the list:

Of course, I’m not sure what damage the posterboard does to one of the deadliest dinosaurs ever known, but I’m sure that whatever it was lacking in physical trauma, Lopez more than made up for with psychological trauma. That mascot will think twice before ever ranking someone lower than J. Lo again.

The Raptors mascot was lucky he wasn’t killed for doing that. No word from J. Lo yet on her thoughts regarding¬†the rankings.

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