JT Barrett To Cops: “I’m The QB of OSU, There’s Nothing You Can Do? (Video)

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Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett tried his best to use his celebrity status to get out of this bad situation, clearly did not work.

TMZ Sports obtained the dash cam footage from the October 31 incident  in which you can see Barrett’s SUV pull out of a line for an upcoming DUI checkpoint … catching the attention of an officer who pulled him over.

During the stop, the officer could smell alcohol on his breathe even though Barrett claimed he had absolutely nothing to drink that night. Barrett did okay on his sobriety tests, but still gets arrested.

After being arrested, Barrett plays the star card — telling the cop, “I’m the quarterback of Ohio State officer, there’s nothing you can do?” The officer responds, “My intention is to not take you to jail. That’s about the best I can do for you.”

Once Barrett sits in the back seat of the cruiser, reality sets in and he sees his Ohio State future in front of him as he screams “F**K!!! F**K!!!”

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