Jilted Ex-Boyfriend Mark Cuban Says He Saved All His DeAndre Jordan Texts and Might Release Them One Day

mark cuban denadre jordan texts

Hey, remember that time DeAndre Jordan made a verbal agreement to sign a contract with the Dallas Mavericks, and then all his Clippers teammates went and locked themselves in his house until he changed his mind, and NBA Twitter EXPLODED?

Yep, those were some good times. Unless you’re the Mavericks, of course. In which case you kinda got screwed. But hey, that was like four months ago. Are the Mavs still upset?

Yes, actually. Especially Mark Cuban, who feels like he got played.

Of course, the Mavs beat the Clippers last night, which probably felt really good. But after the game Cuban still told reporters he may eventually release the DeAndre Jordan text messages, which he saved like a jilted ex-lover, and which presumably make Jordan look like a jackass. But he’s not going to release them now, because now is “not the time.”

When is the time? I’m guessing the time is when the Mavericks are eliminated from the playoffs, and Mark Cuban is drunk. But who knows.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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