Marshawn Lynch Gives $500 to a McDonald’s Worker


Marshawn Lynch might be one of the quirkier players in the NFL, but that’s not to say that he isn’t a kind soul. TMZ reports Beast Mode found himself in a McDonald’s in Dallas last Sunday after the Seahawks knocked off the Cowboys. He struck up a conversation with a kid mopping the floor, 17 year old Terrance Downs. Terrance remarked that he liked Lynch’s shoes and was hoping to get a pair for himself.

Downs told Lynch that he was into fashion and was hoping to open up his own shop one day. Marshawn then gave Terrance $500 and said, “If you’re serious about getting those shoes, here’s some money to help you get ’em. My job is to continue to see you grow.”

Downs’ manager at McDonald’s said that the interaction left a “huge positive impact on Terrance.”

Using the $500, he went out and bought the shoes he wanted, and now said he’s incentivized to work hard to do the same thing for someone else one day.

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