Oh No: Ray Lewis Teases His New Song, ‘Can You Stand The Rain’ (Video)

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis¬†took to Instagram to tease the launch of a new, grammatically curious song called “Can You Stand the Rain” (no question mark), and it’s…not excellent. First of all, it’s called “Can You Stand the Rain’, which sounds like the title of a song that Milhouse’s dad from The Simpsons would write, and secondly, the clip that he teased in the below Instagram video sounds like this:

A video posted by Ray Lewis (@raylewis) on

I don’t know how that pertains to rain, but it sounds like he’s trying to go really hard while writing a song about respecting women. Being hard and respectful is a tough line to walk, and Ray Lewis is clearly no 2Pac in that regard.

He’s also dressed in the video’s pic like he forgot that today was the day that he was doing the song’s photo shoot. Ray Lewis is like 40 years old. It’s hard to rock a white tee at that age.

Anyway, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with taking up a hobby in your retirement, and if it makes Ray happy, that’s probably good enough. Just don’t expect this song to make a lot of other people very happy.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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