NFL Releases Statement After Colorblind Fans Complain About Bills-Jets ‘Color Rush’ Uniforms

Bills Jets Color Rush - Colorblind view

Are you red-green colorblind?  If not, you may have been able to appreciate the ‘Color Rush’ uniforms being worn by the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills during Thursday night’s contest between these two AFC East foes.

But for those who are in fact red-green colorblind, well, this is what the game looked like to them:

As you can see, everyone looks like they’re playing for the Jets, which resulted in a less-than-ideal viewing experience for all of the colorblind fans out there.  

Here are some of their complaints, via Twitter:

As the last Tweet mentions, there are quite a few colorblind individuals in America—approximately 13 million, to be more specific. So this was a pretty significant issue, and according to a statement the NFL released through Darren Rovell’s Twitter account, they plan on adding color blind analysis to all of their standard television tests in the future:

As for next week’s ‘Color Rush’ game between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars, well, good luck to anyone who is blue-yellow colorblind:

Titans Jaguars Color Rush

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