Here’s DeSean Jackson Pinching Jay Gruden’s Nipple (Video)

Jay Gruden

In case you missed your coffee this morning, this clip should wake you up nicely. The Redskins were at practice yesterday, preparing for their matchup against the Saints, and for reasons that we needn’t concern ourselves with, DeSean Jackson reached out to give Jay Gruden and his left nipple a little of the ole’ dipsy-doodle.

What does that mean? I have NO idea. But I do know that you can pretty much call pinching a nipple by any name and it sounds correct.

Because this is the NFL, it’s surprising that DeSean Jackson didn’t rip off Jay Gruden’s nipple, then have a ruling from Roger Goodell that he’s going to leave it to law enforcement to handle the matter. Then the NFL would have a nipple month that featured jerseys covered in nipples, and Jerry Jones would call Jackson a “great leader.”

I guess we got off light.

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