Meet Gracie Carvalho, Victoria’s Secret Model, Muay Thai Fighter (Videos)

victoria's secret model gracie carvalho muay thai

Let’s be honest. Victoria’s Secret models are hot, but a lot of them look like they might break in half under the weight of their own hair. More of them could stand to follow the fitness routine of Brazilian smokeshowsm Gracie Carvalho.

What makes Carvalho’s fitness regimen special? The fact that it entails beating the sh*t out of dudes.

As she explained to TMZ this week, she trains in Muay Thai:

Of course, you might think Gracie is exaggerating. But she’s not. Gracie is a hardcore Muay Thai fan. It’s all right there in her Instagram:

Happy kiddo at Jiujitsu class this morning … Starting the week STRONG and Smiling #jiujitsu #rafaelnatal #renzogracieAcademy

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Of course, Carvalho is Brazilian, so she also dabbles in soccer:

And the result? Well, this is the result:

Fan. Tastic.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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