Odell Beckham Jr Wants To Become Ambidextrous

odell beckham jr wants to become ambidextrous

According to the Wall Street Journal, Odell Beckham Jr has been living a secret double life…as a lefty.

While he can already do things with his right hand that most NFL receivers only dream of, ODB wants to start doing them with his left hand, too. So off the field, he’s been doing everything he normally does with his right hand with his left hand in hopes of becoming ambidextrous.

“My left didn’t feel the same as my right, so I’m trying to become ambidextrous,” he explained. “Anything I can do with my right hand, I’ve gotta do with my left.” That includes brushing his teeth, swinging a baseball bat, shooting a basketball, and presumably other more personal activities as well. Wink wink.

Will it work? According to science, yes, probably. Researchers in Australia did a study back in 1999 in which they had 10 people perform daily tasks more often with their non-dominant hand, and 10 weeks later they showed marked improvements in handwriting and other tasks.

As one sports medicine physician put it, it’s all about establishing “neuromuscular activation patterns,” or establishing a better connection between various muscle groups and the brain. And nothing does this better than repetition.

So look out, NFL. Pretty soon Odell Beckham Jr may be able to make ridiculous one-handed catches with either hand.

Hat Tip – [Wall Street Journal via NFL.com]

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