The Army Football Team Takes the Field Waving the French Flag (Video)


In a show of support for the victims, French and otherwise, from yesterday’s terror attacks in Paris, the Army football team took to the field today against Tulane waving the French flag. Given the timing, many teams playing today weren’t able to orchestrate any gestures, but they’ll likely come in the next week.

The Army, of course, has a special relationship with France, as they’ve been an ally of the United States since the days of the American Revolution almost 250 years ago. Fittingly, the U.S. flag was flying right next to it as the team took the field.

Here’s a video of the event:

It’s a small gesture, but an important one, given that the men running under that flag have pledged to protect both the American people and America’s allies, and last night’s tragedies were the biggest attack in France since the days of World War II.

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