Cris Cyborg to Rousey: Don’t Be a Do Nothing B*tch! (Video)


If you’re the champ, just know if you lose….You will be trolled like no other on social media. This definitely paved the way for Miesha Tate & Cris Cyborg to take some shots after Ronda Rousey‘s stunning defeat least night.

First, Miesha Tate:

She also had this to say about Rousey’s KO loss:

I’m f–kin’ stoked. F–k Ronda Rousey. F–k her and her “Nobody has the right to beat me.” Nobody has the right to beat you? Well you just got beat, b—h…Anyways, I’m proud of Holly. She had a perfect, flawless game plan. She came in with it tonight and now she is the champion. I look forward to that fight, because I think that I’m next in line.

Then Cris Cyborg:

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