Dez Bryant Probably Should’ve Tried A Bit Harder On This Game-Ending Interception (Video)

The Cowboys have lost their seventh straight game, and Sunday’s matchup against Tampa Bay might’ve been the most devastating of them all.

Dallas had a chance to pull off the win with one final drive, but it ended abruptly when Matt Cassel chucked the ball up for Dez Bryant in the end zone and Bradley MacDougald picked it off to seal the Bucs’ victory. MacDougald appeared to shove Bryant before making the play, which prompted Bryant to beg the refs for a flag.

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Rather than complain to the refs immediately after failing to make the catch, Bryant probably should’ve focused more on attempting to prevent MacDougald’s game-ending interception from happening. Instead, with some help from the refs, Tampa was able to come out on top 10-6.

Hat tip – [Uproxx]

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