This Muddy Hill Sends Cyclecross Racers Slowly Sliding Off the Course (Video)

Muddy Cycling

If you’ve never seen a cyclecross race before, you should check one out. Designed to be the cycling equivalent of rally car (I guess), the courses send riders scrambling over hills, bikes in hand as they make their way through the tougher parts, at which point they hop back on and continue their ride.

Sometimes that transition is easier said than done. The hill in this video seems to be giving riders fits as the (very slowly) slide off the course and onto their butts. It happens once, then twice, then a LOT, causing whoever is taking that video to laugh their ass off at the riders’ misfortunes.

And can you blame him? Check it out here:

Whoops! It’s hard not to like this sport.

Even if you laughed, you don’t actually need to retweet. That’s some pandering crap right there. Why can’t the tweeting company just be happy knowing they entertained us?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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