Devin Hester’s Kid Can Run the Field Like His Old Man (Video)


Few NFL players were as frightening when lining up to return a punt or kick as Devin Hester was a few years back. The Bears phenom forced teams to change their strategy on special teams, often kicking the ball out of bounds so as not to incur Hester’s wrath on the runback.

It looks like the apple doesn’t fall from the tree in this footage of a flag football game featuring Devin Hester’s son, Devin Hester Jr. It may not be a kick return, but the kid moves around the field like Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson, running circles around the defense.

DJ stunt’n like my daddy with a 80yds TD

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As you can tell from the above Instagram post, Devin Sr. is a proud daddy when he sees his son pull this one off. It’s not every day you see a kid this young pull off an 80-yard TD. That’s like the equivalent of six miles for a little kid.

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