John Oliver’s Daily Fantasy Commercial (Starring Seth Rogan) Tells The Truth About DFS (Video)

John Oliver Daily Fantasy Sports Commercial

Those commercials for FanDuel and Draft Kings that take over our televisions during football broadcasts make daily fantasy sports seem so easy.

“I won $15,000 off a $5 entry,” claims one dude in this FanDuel commercial.  And then there’s this DraftKings commercial, which teases viewers with the dream of “turning a game you love into a lifetime of cash.”  As we’ve learned over the past couple of months, it’s all bullshit.

Chances are you won’t be winning the million dollar events at any of these popular DFS sites.  The truth is, if you deposit some money in FanDuel or DraftKings, you’ll likely have your ups and downs, and before long, you’ll have an empty account and an angry significant other.

Of course, DraftKings and FanDuel don’t want you to know this.  But John Oliver does. So he enlisted the service of Seth Rogan to help get the message across with this hilarious (and very truthful) Daily Fantasy Sports commercial:

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