Joseph Randle Trolls Cowboys with Instagram Post after Being Cut (Pic)

joseph randle

Joseph Randle was a decent solution at running back for the Cowboys, but his instability as a teammate and a person played a huge part in the team cutting him amid a horrific 2-7 season. Randle had run-ins with the law, stealing cologne and underwear from a department store and allegedly threatening the mother of his child with a gun, leading to a four-game suspension by the league.

However, he’s taking that time not to reposition himself as a better person/player or atone for his myriad screw-ups, but to troll the Cowboys who lost another game yesterday, this time to the Bucs.

Joseph Randle posted this on his Instagram account:


Yup, Joseph. You’re released, suspended by the league, and currently without a team or a paycheck. You go ahead and gloat all you’d like. I think any potential suitors will factor that into their decision to pick you up (or, should we say, not pick you up).

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