These Photoshopped NFL Movember Mustaches Will Make Your Monday Suck Less (Gallery)

andy dalton photoshopped nfl movember mustaches 2

Every November, athletes around the world grow ridiculous Movember mustaches to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. However, these beauties aren’t always visible to the naked eye.

Sure, you can see them pretty clearly on NHL and NBA players. But NFL Movember mustaches? Those are harder to see because of the face masks.

Fortunately, the photoshop wizards over at Mandatory have done us all a huge solid by imagining what the NFL Movember mustaches might look like in a surreal world and turning these visions into reality.

Obviously there’s a lot to like in the gallery below. However, my personal favorite is a toss-up between Todd Gurley‘s Hulk Hogan and Andy Dalton‘s Dali on steroids.

Want to start your week off right? Then take a look at these:

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