This 15 Year-Old Romanian Basketball Player Is A Gigantic 7’6″ (Video)


Even by NBA standards, this kid is ENORMOUS. Robert Bobroczky is a Romanian high schooler who is getting some attention from the press for being a giant. The 15 year-old is 7’6″ and seems to have some decent post moves and a shot, which may not sound like high praise, but when you’re growing into a body that big, it’s a glowing endorsement.

However, he’s still got a way to go. The Romanian standout appears to run like a newborn fawn, shuffling up and down the court. It’s anyone’s guess if he’ll grow into that body to become a decent weapon, or if he joins the roster of really tall prospects who never could turn the corner. Either way, check out a video of him right here:

Still, it’s hard to ignore the potential upside of a prospect THIS tall, so expect eyes to be on him, hoping he can leverage that giant frame into something more.

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