Germany-Netherlands Soccer Friendly Cancelled After Bomb Threat

Germany-Netherlands Cancelled - Bomb Threat

Just four days after terrorists set off three bombs outside the Stade de France during a friendly soccer match between Germany and France, German police were forced to cancel an international friendly between Germany and Holland after finding a suspicious object inside the HDI Arena.

Hanover police found an unaccompanied luggage inside the stadium prior to the match.  As a result, they decided to cancel the match just as fans were beginning to enter the stadium.

At the moment, reports are indicating that no explosives were found, but the police chief of Germany’s Lower Saxony region, Volker Kluwe, has said that they “had concrete intelligence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside the stadium.” He also said that there were in fact “serious plans for explosions,” but those plans have been thwarted by the quick work of the authorities.

Another object was later found near the city’s central train station. With a section of the station being closed, pedestrians are being told to travel on foot and trains are also being told to travel away from the area.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and many other high-ranking officials were expected to be in attendance for Tuesday’s friendly at HDI Arena. As for the German soccer team, they’ve reportedly been taken to a safe place.

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