Joe Rogan Had an Awesome Reaction to the Ronda Rousey Knockout (Video)

Joe Rogan

When you’re an MMA announcer, your life is pretty closely tied to the outcome of the fights you’re doing, especially the big one. So while we were all pretty surprised when Ronda Rousey got manhandled by Holly Holm in their fight Saturday, Joe Rogan had to deal with this truth on a whole different level.

And judging by the expression on his face, Joe Rogan was going to need a few minutes to process and adjust to the new reality:

I’m sure it wasn’t upsetting or anything, but the whole evening’s broadcast just took a pretty abrupt and unexpected turn. After months (years?) of selling Rousey as the best female fighter in the world, he was going to have to talk about something else.

It’s all worth it though for that face. That face says, “Does anyone have any more information on Holly Holm? We’re gonna need to talk about Holly Holm a LOT more than we thought.”

Hat Tip – [BarDown]

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