Khloe Kardashian Jokes About Being Married to Lamar Odom and Dating James Harden (Video)

khloe kardashian jokes about lamar odom james harden

Khloe Kardashian and the rest of her botoxed, collagen-filled TV family have come off as opportunistic publicity whores in this sad Lamar Odom situation. They smeared the guy’s name in the tabloids for months and Khloe filed for divorce. But when Odom overdosed and went into a coma, all of a sudden he was family again. So the Kardash-holes dropped everything to be (filmed weeping) by his side. And Khloe dropped the divorce proceedings, which means that she gets to make all the important decisions for her “husband,” even while she’s galavanting around with James Harden.

I mean, any normal human being would have enough sense to realize, hey, maybe it’s weird that I act like I’m Florence Nightengale tending to my brain damaged husband all day, only to go off and screw another guy at night. But Khloe Kardashian just doesn’t get it. In fact, on Monday she went on the Ellen show and F*CKING JOKED ABOUT BEING A POLYGAMIST.

Take a look at this:

You gotta love the look on Ellen’s face, there.

The Shade Room posted this clip on their Instagram Monday. Apparently Khloe Kardashian left a comment apologizing for her tasteless attempt at humor:

Khloe Kardashian apology
However, I’ll believe she’s actually sorry when she gets out of Lamar Odom’s life and stops using him to get publicity.

Hat Tip – [BSO]

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