L.A. Kings Prospect Patrik Bartosak Charged with 12 Domestic Assault Crimes

Patrik Bartosak

I don’t think anyone is ever excited to come across a story of an athlete committing a crime, much less a violent one against a woman, but even by those standards, it sounds like Patrik Bartosak is in some real trouble. The Manchester Monarchs goalie has been hit with 12 charges of domestic-related crimes.

The 22 year-old resident of Rancho Cucamonga outside of LA reportedly tried to strangle his girlfriend on Monday afternoon. The report alleges that the Kings prospect also “pushed her against a wall, put his hand around her neck and choked her, grabbed her right chest and pulled her up off a bed, punched her in the chest twice, slapped her in the face and slapped her three times on both legs.”

If that wasn’t terrible enough, we’ve also got on record what he supposedly said during the attack: “If you don’t have anything to say I’m going to kill you,” “I’m going to punch you in the face if you don’t say anything,” and “I hope you know I’m going to knock you out and put you to sleep before I leave.” 

A hearing is set for December 16th, and a trial is set for January 28th. Let’s hope justice gets served here.

Hat Tip – [Union Leader]

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