Kentucky’s Alex Poythress Gets His Tooth Stuck on the Net after Alley-Oop (Video)

Alex Poythress

I’m still watching this video wondering if I really just saw what I think I saw.

Alex Poythress went up for an alley-oop (which he sent home), but on the way down, he caught his tooth on the net. Fortunately for him, it somehow freed itself on his return to the court, resulting in just a curious “What the hell happened?” from the Kentucky player, rather than an extracted tooth or a sprained neck.

Here’s the video. Wear a mouthguard:

And here’s a photo capturing the exact moment that Poythress’ tooth got stuck in the net:

Before we take off and head back to Lexington, chew on this. Alex did.

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I’m glad he’s ok, but that video is STILL bothering me. How did his tooth get caught and free so quickly? It doesn’t seem right!

To my knowledge, something like this has never happened before, and thank God. Life’s hard enough without seeing teeth sprawled around the court and bloody mouths on blue chip recruits.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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