Dallas Broadcaster On Jerry Jones: “Your Team Is The Most Ridiculous Team In The National Football League”


Longtime Dallas Broadcaster Norm Hitzges went completely off on Jerry Jones. This was epic. On his show on The Ticket 1310 AM/96.7 FM, Hitzges told co-host Donovan Lewis that “wished to go off on this football team.” When Lewis gave the go ahead, Hitzges went on a five-minute rant. (Skip to the bottom to listen to the full rant in all its glory.) 

“If you enjoy being laughed at Jerry, then revel in it,” Hitzges said. “Climb right into the spotlight and revel in it. Your team is now the most ridiculous team in the National Football League. The pregame shows, the postgame shows, all over network TV, all the commentators, they’re laughing at you. They’re watching you unravel in public. It’s a like a circus, ‘Step right up ladies and gentleman and watch the Dallas Cowboys unravel right before your eyes! Look at them in the locker room, fighting and screaming! Look at them on social media! Look at how they look like they don’t give a damn on the field! Look at a coach that you have castrated!’

“Does Jason Garrett have any control of personnel? Absolutely not. If he had control of personnel some of the people that started the year on this team wouldn’t be here. Does he have any control of discipline? Oh, please. Please. That’s funnier than a Seinfeld routine.”

Hitzges goes on to question whether Garrett even has control of the lineup because Jones made the announcements when Darren McFadden and Matt Cassel became starters.

“Does any other coach in the league have a situation where he’s been so neutered? He does not control discipline, he has no final word. Hardy is late for meetings, virtually skips a meeting, any discipline? I don’t know. Coach Jones what do you think? You run the team.

“If (Garrett) goes in the locker room and puts hits foot down do 14 people giggle? Or do they sit there tweeting during his talk? If you begged to look ridiculous Jerry you got it. You got it.”

Hitzges goes on to mention that Jones should’ve disciplined Bryant and Hardy for their actions in the last week.

“Doesn’t it hurt to keep giving guys like Josh Brent and Joseph Randle and Greg Hardy and ad nauseam chances to play again and they laugh at you? They take your money and shoot you a freakin’ finger every week? Where the hell is your soul Jerry? Where the hell is it? Do you not care that everybody laughs like crazy at your football team? It’s one thing to lose, it’s another thing to lose when you’ve already sacrificed your damn soul.

“Get your butt down to the locker room Jerry and you discipline. You go locker to locker and tell Cole Beasley, ‘Shove that phone as far up as it goes baby. You’re off Twitter.’ And, ‘Dez, you do that again  we are going to have to a serious monetary talk pal, and I don’t care if I have to discipline you.’ Or Hardy, or name it. Pick anybody else who steps out of line, ‘I can lose without you guys.’

“This isn’t a seven-game losing streak. This is a surrender of your freakin’ soul.”

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