Honduran Soccer Player Suffers The Most Horrifying Knee Injury You’ve Ever Seen (Video + Pics)

horrifying knee injury honduras luis garrido 2

I don’t know how many times I have proclaimed a knee injury to be the worst one I have ever seen. All I know is that I always mean it.

That’s certainly the case today with poor Honduran midfielder Luis Garrido. On Tuesday night, during the first half of a World Cup qualifier against Mexico, Garrido tore both his ACL and PCL when Mexican forward Javier Aquino fell on his leg while trying to make a tackle.

According to Honduran newspaper Diario La Prensa, Garrido will be out at least a year. However, anybody who saw the injury as it happened could have told you as much. Knees just aren’t supposed to bend that way.

If you think you’ve got the stomach for it, below you’ll find the video, followed by two absolutely sickening photos.

Are you ready to behold the most horrifying knee injury you’ve ever seen? Okay then:

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horrifying knee injury honduras luis garrido 0

horrifying knee injury honduras luis garrido 1

Garrido must have gone into shock almost immediately. While Aquino is rolling around making his owie face, the guy who was actually injured just lies there stoically, as if contemplating the meaninglessness of the universe.

Our thoughts are with Luis Garrido as he begins what surely will be a long road to recovery.

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