Inspirational Kid Gives Pair of Sneakers to Bullied Classmate, Restores Our Faith in Humanity (Video)

kid gives pair of sneakers to bullied classmate 2

If you’re like me, this week your social media feeds have been filled with depressing news and heated debates about very serious issues. So you could really use something positive to pick up your spirits and restore your faith in humanity.

Luckily, the video you’re about to watch will do the trick. In it, a young boy walks up to his classmate and gives him a pair of brand new Nike LeBron sneakers.

“Here you go,” the kid says. “I gave you a pair of shoes since you felt bad yesterday about how everyone was making fun of your shoes.”

At that point the teacher shrieks with joy, “Are you serious?” Then the two boys hug, and the kid who received the amazing gift sat down and started crying.

Take a look:

OK that was a grown up move… Kids was getting bullied and ragged on about his shoes…. so another student bought him some Lebron’s the next day…

Posted by Miguel Marquize Howell on Sunday, November 15, 2015


So who is this kid? According to a woman named Rachel Pizzuti who commented on the original Facebook post, his name is Rocco, and he’s her son:

kid gives pair of sneakers to bullied classmate
How can you not be proud of that kid? If everyone treated each other with that much love and compassion, the world would be an infinitely better place.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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