Seth Rogen Is the Only Canadian Unfamiliar with Wayne Gretzky at this Holiday Party (Video)

Seth Rogen

In a promo for the upcoming Christmas romp movie The Night Before, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie attend a holiday party with a handful of celebs from the sports world, including Wayne Gretzky and the San Diego Chicken. Rogen, despite being Canadian, has a hard time ID’ing Wayne Gretzky, which is probably grounds for getting your passport revoked.

Wayne Gretzky, of course, didn’t take the insult lying down, and questioned Rogen’s country of origin following the faux pas:

And, of course, Seth Rogen DOES know who Gretzky is, despite not being much of a sports guy:

Note: If Wayne Gretzky is going to be at your party, make sure everyone, especially the Canadians, know who the hell he is. 

Hat Tip – [BarDown]

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