A 50 Year-Old Man Set the Push-Up Record by Doing 2,220 in an Hour (Video)


Doing a push-up isn’t among the easiest things in the world. It requires not only core strength, which is hard to build, but upper-body strength as well. Neither of those areas seem to be a huge issue for the UK’s Carlton Williams, who knocked out 2,220 reps in just one hour, all with pretty damn good form. That’s about 40 per minute. Which is one every 1.5 seconds for an hour. Not bad.

Here’s the entirety of his feat:

I wonder if he was really sore after this, or just kind of sore. He DOES take increasingly frequent breaks towards the end, and he does look exhausted (as one would expect).

Anyway, no snarky comments about this. This guy is awesome, this was an incredible accomplishment, and he should be pretty proud that he’s the best in the world at something.

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