Dion Walters Probably Should Have Made This Layup (Video)

Dion Walters

I don’t know much about what it takes to be an NBA player. But I have to imagine that the ability to make a wide open layup is probably near the top of the list. Dion Walters might want to consider working on that skill the next time he’s at the gym. The Thunder player got the ball on a very promising fastbreak against the Pelicans, took the ball the length of the court, then proceeded to muff the layup pretty badly with no one else around.



Fortunately, the Thunder were able to tough it out, 110-103, but that would have been terrible if that missed bucket was the difference between winning and losing for those guys.

As my fourth-grade coach once told me, don’t take your eyes off the ball until you see it pass through the net.

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