Holly Holm Steroid Rumors Surface After Photo Shows Bigger Than Normal Vagina Area (Video)

Despite the fact that Holly Holm was a boxing champion in several divisions, people are still throwing around steroid use because she beat the previously unbeatable, Ronda Rousey by KO. Someone brought up the fact that in this particular photo, Holly Holm’s vagina looks bigger than normal:


The USA Today published an article on Holly Holm’s shady sponsor. Here’s an excerpt:

Don Catlin, a renowned anti-doping expert, said Holm’s business relationship with Intel Pharma is “a pretty bad idea.’’ Victor Conte, founder of the Bay Area Lab Co-Operative (BALCO) that provided legal and illegal supplements to athletes, said that in the wake of Holm’s stunning, second-round knockout over Rousey on Saturday in Australia, her business relationship with Intel-Pharma is a concern.

“This looks highly suspicious,’’ Conte told USA TODAY Sports. “This is crazy stuff.”

Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s manager, told USA TODAY Sports Monday night that he and the fighter were aware before signing the sponsorship deal that Intel Pharma sold products containing banned substances.

“The first question I asked them was how many of these products were banned, and they were up front about it,’’ Fresquez said. “Holly didn’t really use them so it’s not a big deal …

“I’m sure she didn’t use any of them. She might have taken a picture with one.”

Look at the difference between Ronda Rousey’s weigh-in versus Holly Holm’s weigh-in…


…and then there’s this video via JuggernautFitnessTV:

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You be the judge!!

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