Idiot Soccer Ref Ejects Commentator for Criticizing His Calls (Video)

soccer ref ejects commentator

If you thought Major League Baseball umpires were sensitive, get a load of second division Costa Rican soccer referee Jimmy Torres. This week he ejected a commentator for criticizing his calls up in the broadcast booth.

During a second division game between Municipal Coto Brus and Barrio México, a linesman called Torres over and told him that he heard commentator Henry de Jésus of STV Channel 4 talking shit about him. So Torres jogged over to the booth and told Jésus to GTFO.

At first Jésus and his partner couldn’t believe it. “He’s ejecting me,” Jésus exclaimed? This is ridiculous, it goes beyond football. It is restricting the freedom of expression!”

However, after the ref said he would suspend the game if Henry de Jésus did not leave, he left. And he took his microphone with him.

Check it out. You can see Henry de Jésus leaving at the 3:33 mark:

At first I thought maybe the negative commentary was broadcast over the PA system, which obviously would be grounds for ejection because it could incited violence from fans in attendance. But no. You can clearly see the linesman telling the ref of what he’s hearing from the booth behind him. And only then does the ref take action.

You would have to think Jimmy Torres is going to be fired or suspended over this. The dude needs to get a grip. What’s next? Ejecting fans who chew too loudly?

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