Kid Discusses Cam Newton Dancing, Reminds Us How Dumb This Debate Really Is (Video)

Kid on Cam Newton Dab

At this point, just about everyone has shared their views on Cam Newton’s dance following a two-yard touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans last Sunday.  Some have praised Newton’s fun-loving attitude on the field, while other’s have questioned his class and sportsmanship.  One lady even wrote a letter to the Charlotte Observer, making it seem as though her 9-year-old daughter may be scarred for life after seeing Newton’s dancing during her “first live NFL experience.”

It’s been one of the biggest stories in the NFL this week, but finally, someone has come along and made us realize just how crazy we all are for making such a big deal about a quarterback who celebrates his touchdowns by dancing.

Sadly, that someone is actually a kid.

Listen to Tom as he enlightens us on the reality of this entire fiasco:

“I’ve never seen Ben Roethlisberger dance.  Does that mean he’s a good role model?”

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [BSO]

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