Nate Newton’s Ex-Wife On Cowboys Knowing He Beat Her (Video)

Nate Newton

Looks like Jerry Jones has been catering to bad behavior for a long time. I’m sure most people know about Michael Irvin and his drug use back then, but now Nate Newton’s ex-wife is speaking out about the abuse she went through and how it was ignored by the Dallas Cowboys. Dorothy Newton claims that the Dallas Cowboys were aware of the abuse and still chose not to do anything about it.

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“I believe there is a root cause. I believe the success, and just the community and the sports bubble — I think there were so many factors involved,” she says. “And I’m certainly not making excuses for his behavior, but I think there were a lot of factors involved that, and pressures involved that just triggered him to where it was something that happened quite often. (With) Nate, the success was great, but privately Nate was in trouble.

“There were character flaws such as DUIs and DWIs, so there was a lot of factors involved as well, and I think I just became the result of his way of releasing anger, frustration and just a lot of things he was dealing with.”

The scariest outburst, Dorothy says, occurred after word of his alleged abuse reached someone within the Cowboys organization.

“That’s when he came home and shoved a custom-made kitchen table into my pregnant stomach and scraped it, thank God, and also shot at me.”

Dorothy Newton spoke at a team-sponsored luncheon to support anti-domestic violence programs last month and is the author of Silent Cry: The True Story of Abuse and Betrayal of an NFL Wife.


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