Neymar Tries Jersey Exchange with Ref, Gets Rejected (Video)

neymar jersey exchange with ref

It’s common practice after international soccer games for players to take off their shirts and exchange them with members of the other team so everybody has a memento. Obviously, it’s a bigger deal for the guys from smaller countries who play world-class teams with superstar players only a handful of times in their careers. But they do it after every game anyway. And it’s usually nice.

Unfortunately, nobody on the Peruvian national team got to exchange jerseys with Brazilian great Neymar after their World Cup qualifier against Brazil on Tuesday. Because instead of doing the exchange with another player, Neymar tried to do a jersey exchange with a referee. And after getting rejected, he just tossed his jersey to a team trainer and walked off the field.

Take a look:

Sorry, random Peruvian soccer player who will probably tell his grandkids about that one time he got to play against Neymar. No shirt for you!

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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