Bryce Harper Has a Hard Time Pronouncing the Word ‘Meme’ (Video)


Bryce Harper‘s a lot of things, but I’m guessing he doesn’t spend too much time on the Internet. Or maybe he does, and he’s just never heard the word “meme” said out loud. Because last night, he was dressed to the nines on the Scott Van Pelt Show, talking about winning the NL MVP, when he offered up this delightful nugget:

May-mays! I like it.

I like that he doesn’t know how to say that word. It’s a word less people should know how to pronounce. Good for him. While we’re looking at pictures of a dog on a telephone, he’s getting better at baseball, preparing to win the MVP.

To his credit, Scott van Pelt let the mispronunciation slide, even though it would have been tempting to have the conversation dissolve there.

May-mays it is.

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