Coastal Carolina Trick Play Goes Horribly Wrong When QB Throws The Ball Off His Own Helmet (Video)

Coastal Carolina trick play

After the infamous Colts trick play heard round the world, you might think football coaches far and wide would be a little leery of the old swinging gate. But no. Last night the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers tried to run just such a trick play against the Liberty Flames.

It was completely unnecessary. And it went horribly wrong.

First let’s deal with the “completely unnecessary” part. The play came early in the second quarter. The Chanticleers, who are (or were) ranked #4 in NCAA Division I-FCS, had just scored a touchdown to tie the game 6-6. But for some reason they decided to go for two by running a trick play. Sure, the worst-case scenario (you give up a defensive conversion and you trail by two) isn’t that bad. But the best-case scenario isn’t that good. So why do it?

In any case, let’s now deal with the “horribly wrong” part. Coastal Carolina put their offensive line way over on the right and two receivers over on the left, leaving just the center and quarterback in the middle of the field to face three defenders. Apparently the idea was that they would snap the ball and immediately fire a screen pass to the right side. So they took first string QB Alex Ross out and replaced him with second string QB Tyler Keane, who is a lefty.

Unfortunately, the second string QB got rattled as the unchecked defender sprinted right at him. So instead of throwing a nice little screen pass, he HIT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD with the ball and fumbled it backwards, where it was recovered by the defense.

Behold, the Coastal Carolina trick play:

At least Chuck Pagano could say his guys were never actually supposed to snap the ball. What the hell can Chanticleers coach Joe Moglia say? Maybe I shouldn’t have put my second-string QB in to run a pointless trick play in the second quarter of a close game?

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