Fan Makes Warriors Rap Song That Actually Doesn’t Suck (Video)

warriors fan makes warrior rap song that doesn't suck

It’s very difficult to make a hype song for your favorite sports team that won’t result in everybody on YouTube laughing at you. That goes double for suburban-lookin’ white dudes who want to make a rap song about a basketball team.

That said, today we bring you a Golden State Warriors rap song from a suburban-lookin’ white dude that is actually pretty good.

No really, I’m serious. The video is titled “Back 2 Back – Golden State Warriors Remix.” It starts, and you see a guy who looks like he drives a minivan, and he’s about to make a rap video in his bedroom, and you’re just ready to cringe and pull your shirt over your face. Then, all of a sudden, the guy starts dropping killer rhymes.

See for yourself:

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“Talkin’ ’bout watch what’s gonna happen Christmas day / you gone force the Dubs to send LeBron back to play with Wade?”

“Playin’ dirty doesn’t worry Curry / shoutout to my Cavs fans who be burnin’ jerseys?”

Those are legitimately good burns, man. Guess you can’t judge a book by its cover or a rap song by the lame video.

(Though seriously, dude, next time, like, go to a vacant lot or something.)

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