This Jason Williams Mixtape Is Crazy Good (Video)

jason williams mixtape

Jason Williams had a long, respectable career as an NBA point guard. However, it was also a bit of a disappointment. The guy had more flash and creativity in his left pinky than most players have in their entire body. He could dish incredible no-look behind-the-back passes like they were nothing. He had a swagger that was just incredibly entertaining. Hence the nickname “White Chocolate.”

However, his potential was never fully realized. The guy never led the league in assists, and he never made a single All-Star game or All-NBA team. Like I said, he was good. He had an above average career. But it always seemed like he should have been great.

Now, this Jason Williams mixtape? That’s great. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s as good as the mixtape of any other assist specialist in NBA history. And it’s just from his years with the Kings.

Of course, the mixtape does not include any of Jason Williams’ 1,642 career turnovers, because that would be no fun. Maybe somebody should make a Jason Williams turnover mixtape, though, lest kids in the future watch this mixtape and wonder why this guy isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

In any case, here’s the highlight reel. It’s damn good:

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