Jon Bones Jones Is Back And Looking Like An Absolute Beast (Video + Pic)

jon bones jones returns

The UFC suspended Jon “Bones” Jones back in April when word got out that he was wanted in connection with a felony hit-and-run investigation. However, after pleading guilty in September and getting 18 months probation, the UFC reinstated the former pound-for-pound #1.

So when will the former pound-for-pound #1 return to the octagon? Officially there is no date. Unofficially it looks like he’ll probably return on April 23, 2016, headlining what most likely will be UFC 198 at Madison Square Garden. But the only thing we know for sure is that Jones has been using his time away from competition to turn himself into a hulking beast, and that his potential opponents should be very concerned.

Jones recently posted a photo to Instagram comparing his physique now to his physique during the 2013 offseason, saying “I’ll be sure to be at my best April 23rd.” Then he tagged the post #NewLevels, because…well, see for yourself:

And if that’s not enough to scare Daniel Cormier away from a rematch, maybe this video of Jones deadlifting 525 pounds will do it:

Personal best at 525lbs today. Weighing 222lbs

Posted by Jon “Bones” Jones on Sunday, October 4, 2015


I’m no expert, but I think UFC 198 could set some UFC pay-per-view records.

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