Derek Jeter Denounces the Legend of the Derek Jeter Gift Basket (Video)

derek jeter gift basket

One of the greatest urban legends in sports history, one of the myths that made baseball less lame, was the one about the Derek Jeter gift basket.

If you’re not familiar with the legend of the Derek Jeter gift basket, let me fill you in. As you probably know, Derek Jeter was a notorious ladies’ man. Throughout his storied major league career with the Yankees, he dated or had flings with dozens of incredibly gorgeous women. However, because Jeter was a paragon of class, there were never any scandals. He was never publicly accused of cheating on anyone. There was never any baby mama drama. The New York Post never ran a photo of him going into a hotel with a stripper on his arm.

Then along came this rumor a few years ago that purported to explain why Jeter’s lady friends always kept things on the down-low. And this rumor was that, after taking a female acquaintance home for the night, Derek Jeter would send them home the next day in a private car with a gift basket…full of Derek Jeter memorabilia.

Amazing story, right?

Unfortunately, this week Jeter went and ruined it for us when he went on Joe Buck‘s new talk show and said the story is not true.

Of course, I understand why Jeter addressed this now. He just got engaged, so he needs to tie up all the loose ends before he settles down.

Still, I wish he could have just let us have this one. It was so good.

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