Cam Newton Celebrated His 5 TDs By Giving 5 Balls to Kids in the Stands (Video)


Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers took another step in silencing the doubters of their 9-0 record by making it a cool 10-0 while beating up on the Washington Redskins.

Cam Newton was operating at peak form, tallying up five touchdowns in the 44-16 trouncing.  And with every touchdown, a lucky kid in the stands was given a game ball, which is just about the coolest thing you could expect to come across while seated in the stands at a football game.

The kids’ reactions range from passive surprise to the screenshot above, in which the recipient looks like the ball represents his life force or something.

It’s pretty cool that Cam does this, but if he keeps up this level of play, the Panthers will probably need to increase their ball budget. Those things aren’t cheap.

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