Why Was Cam Newton Wearing a Fox Tail at His Press Conference? (Pic)


Cam Newton tallied up five touchdown passes yesterday against the Redskins, so I don’t think the sports media is going to look too far beyond his commanding performance.  But his press conference appearance did beg the question, “What the hell was he wearing on his belt?”

Well, we know it was a fox tail, but WHY? Was it good luck? Was he trying to make a ridiculous statement like Pharrell did a couple years back with his Arby’s hat? HAD HE RECENTLY KILLED A FOX?

Cam’s known to be pretty fashion forward, so it’s likely just a bold fashion move, but it’s a pretty funny one. What’s even more funny was that the Fox network (which, of all networks, should be up on their fox anatomy) called it a “squirrel tail.” That’s just lazy reporting.

Sadly we don’t know why he did it, and no answer is going to satisfy us, so let’s just live with the mystery.

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