Doug Baldwin Leaps for the End Zone, Gets Blasted Off the Field (Video)

Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin didn’t suffer the worst fate possible when he tucked the ball and jumped towards the end zone against the 49ers¬†on Sunday. The worst thing that could have happened was that he lost the ball. Or that he somehow was killed doing that move. Instead, he just got knocked WAY sideways.

It wasn’t a disturbingly violent play, but it serves as a reminder of just how helpless you are in the NFL once you go airborne. You lose any traction, which costs you leverage and strength.

Here’s the clip:

He really is only off the ground for about a nanosecond before he gets tossed hard out of bounds at a nearly 90-degree angle to the direction he was running. Good defense by the 49ers.

Maybe next time lower your shoulder and try to get in that end zone with more force than finesse, Doug.

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