Johnny Manziel Boozing It on Back-to-Back Nights In Texas During Bye Week (Video)

Johnny Manziel partying

After being named the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback for the remainder of the season, Johnny Manziel told reporters that he planned on relaxing during his team’s bye week.  He also said that he’d refrain from doing something that would “be a distraction to this team or be an embarrassment to the organization.”

Apparently, Johnny Football’s idea of “relaxing” and not being a distraction involves him parting and boozing it up with his buddies on back-to-back nights in Austin, Texas.

According to TMZ, Manziel was spotted drinking with his friends at the RIO Rooftop nightclub on Thursday night, and on Friday the party continued at Summit, where witnesses say he was roaming the club with a bottle of Dom Pérignon in hand.

Here’s some footage that was taken during night #2 of Johnny Football’s two-day booze fest:

Sources say that Manziel didn’t get into any trouble on any of the nights, but this is still somewhat concerning, as the former Texas A&M star had to check himself into rehab over the summer after admitting he had an alcohol problem—not to mention the fact that no team likes to see their starting QB partying his ass off for two straight nights during the season.

Simply put, this is not how you keep your starting gig as an NFL quarterback.  If Johnny Manziel hasn’t learned that lesson already, someone may want to teach it to him, otherwise it may not be long before he has plenty of time (but a lot less money) to do as much partying as he pleases.

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]


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