Kid Gets Hiccups While Singing Australian National Anthem, Keeps Going Like a Pro (Video)

kid gets hiccups while singing australian national anthem

When it comes to performing the national anthem at a sporting event, usually you’re just good, bad, or somewhere in between. You’re not usually both bad and good simultaneously.

However, as one adorable little kid in Australia recently proved, it is possible. He was all set to perform the Australian National Anthem prior to an Australian Baseball League game when he got a case of the hiccups, which negatively impacted his performance.

But did the kid give up? Did he run off the field in humiliation? Last month Justin Bieber cancelled a concert in Norway because somebody spilled some water. Surely this little kid could cancel his performance for the hiccups.

He didn’t, though. Unlike Justin Bieber, this kid knew he had a job to do. So he did it, hiccups and all.

In fact, the hiccups didn’t even seem to phase him. Take a look:

Well done, kid.

Now, will somebody please get these poor Australian baseball players some proper benches so they don’t have to sit around in white plastic lawn chairs?

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