Steph Curry Gets Burned By a Emannuel Muiday Crossover (Video)


With the Warriors off to a 15-0 start, and Steph Curry drawing comparisons to 1996 Michael Jordan, there aren’t exactly a treasure trove of bloopers from last season’s MVP. However, he IS human, and from time to time, even Steph makes a mistake.

Credit where credit is due, Nuggets rookie Emannuel Muiday pulls off a pretty nice series of steps in getting Curry to bite and damn near topple over. The three-pointer is a nice touch as well, but he looks a little spastic as he pulled it off. But he burned Steph Curry, so let’s not get too critical.

Was it enough for the Nuggets to win? Nope. But it’s a sign that Steph Curry is fallible, and that’s rare enough that it’s news these days.

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