Warriors Coach Luke Walton Has His Car Stolen In Oakland


No respect for Luke Walton as he’s taken over while Steve Kerr is out.

Not only is he not receiving any credit for the Warriors’ record, (Kerr, who is on a leave of absence due to complications from offseason spinal surgery, is the beneficiary of an NBA rule that states wins achieved by an interim coach go to the actual head coach of the club, even if he’s not on the bench or even in the building).  Now he’s had his car stolen in a crime spree.

One of the cars stolen during an Oakland Hill crime spree belong to Golden State Warriors coach Luke Walton, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said.

Walton’s car was stolen Tuesday by two suspects, who police believe are also responsible for a violent attack on a 75-year-old woman outside her home on Thursday. The suspects also took the woman’s car during the attack, according to police.

I mean, it is Oakland. This shouldn’t be a surprise!!


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