Check Out This Brad Marchand Baseball Goal From Monday’s Bruins-Leafs Game (Video)

brad marchand baseball goal

In 2014, a survey of Boston sports fans showed that the Bruins were the third-most popular sports team in Boston, but that they had closed to within nine percentage points of the Red Sox for number two.

What would it take for the Bruins to win over another 10% of Boston baseball fans and surpass the Red Sox in popularity? Well, another 80-year World Series drought would probably help. But in the meantime, they could also take their cues from Brad Marchand, who on Monday night used his baseball skills to score a pretty sweet shorthanded goal against the Maple Leafs.

Just five minutes into the Bruins’ game in Toronto, with the Leafs on a power play, Marchand out-hustled Dion Phaneuf to the back of the Leafs goal to steal the puck from goalie James Reimer. He then dished the puck out front to the oncoming Patrice Bergeron, whose shot was stopped by a recovering Reimer. However, the puck bounced off Reimer’s pads and high into the air, and when it came down Marchand batted it into the open goal to give the Bruins a 1-0 lead.

Take a look:

That was a pretty great goal from Marchand. However, he did miss a golden opportunity. If he would have just stood there and stared at the goal for a few seconds, then tossed his stick about 10 feet a la Jose Bautista, it would probably have gone down as one of the greatest troll celebrations of all time.

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